“Rock and Roll” and the richness of vinyl. Is it for real?

I didn’t play my vinyl for a long time as I didn’t have my TT set up. I talked myself into thinking “the warm vinyl sound” was BS and CDs had every advantage in sound. I still acknowledge that CDs are the ultimate in true fidelity (no dust, analog irregularities), but now that I’m listening to vinyl again (and selling part of my collection) damn if that thickness, depth and richness isn’t for real. Not on every record but the lovingly recorded ones from that era. I don’t know that it makes a difference with current product that’s digital from start to finish. I just recently listened to John Lennon’s “Rock and Roll” LP produced by Phil Spector and was wow’d by the beautiful sound. Not sure you’d get the same effect out of a CD.

Also the Nautilus Half Speed pressing of “Court and Spark” has a unique beautiful sound that is not the same as my CD of that classic.

R.I.P. Prince – 1 year ago this week.

Just had a cool conversation with a Minneapolis guy looking for some Prince vinyl for his collection. He ended up buying 3 lps from my store. It was important for him to get these by Friday for an event on the anniversary of the Artists’ death. I was happy to help! It’s still hard to believe and such a tragedy that Prince died. Sometimes the most Elite people are the hardest to reach out and help when they have an affliction.

Anyway, this week was a great excuse to spin some classic Prince vinyl. I chose a rare Hot Tracks remix from ’85 of “America” and “Baby I’m A Star.” Yes, those are available on my Discogs site along with many other Prince vinyl selections.

Listen and remember!



77 Down, 5,000 To Go!

Well, I finally started selling my giant stash of vinyl, as well as a couple of friends’ big collections. In the first 3 weeks in my spare time I listed 327 records and as of today have sold 77. That’s more then 20% sold. Better than I expected. I am using the Discogs site and it makes it easy and fun to sell vinyl. And there are a huge number of record collectors on Discogs. Very cool group and site!

I was a DJ all through the 80s working in clubs, and a reporter for Music magazines. Thus I was always in records pools and getting journalist review copies. I have many rare test pressings. Because I also used to buy out sections of record stores and clubs when they went out of business, I also have a lot of sealed and duplicate copies.

With all the collecting and the additions of several friends’ collections, all genres and eras are pretty well represented. Vinyls and CDs from the 1950s to the 2000s can be found in my store. Albums, 12-inch singles, EPs, Box Sets, CDs and even 45s can be found in my collection. There’s something for just about every musical taste.

Anyway, visit my site if you are a vinyl picker, DJ or just want to check out some Beautiful Discs!


beastie boys album
One of the first records I sold on Discogs. The first Rap Album to go #1 – 30 years ago this year!

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